Coaching for Results

Coaching for Results

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"Every leader can improve his or her performance—which in turn improves the performance of the organization. In business like in sport, people accelerate their development when they receive encouragement, guidance, new ideas and concrete best practices from an experienced advisor.”

Coaching for Results

All successful executive coaching engagements have a few characteristics in common:

  • clear objectives
  • a disciplined process defined by measurable goals
  • a skilled coach who understands the context, asks the tough questions and delivers direct recommendations
  • a client who is committed to making change.

With these elements present, a coaching engagement can improve a leader’s personal effectiveness as well as the bottom-line results they can deliver in the business.

In Coaching for Results: How Executive Coaching Can Develop Leaders and Boost Your Bottom Line, Bob Weiler and Bob Marcus distill their decades of experience coaching top executives into these key areas:

  • The Five Keys to Effective Executive Coaching–topics include up-front contracting, staying aligned with the supervisor, and the power of a disciplined process
  • Best Practices in Managing an Executive Coaching Engagement–advice on what to look for in a coach to ensure a good fit with the leader
  • Three Kinds of Executive Coaching–and how to align the coaching approach to the leader’s specific situation


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Coaching for Results

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