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Our latest thinking on topics related to change and leadership.

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Supporting PE backed management teams

Patrick Jones

Sky-high valuations, brutal competition and zero tolerance for error are causing private equity firms — which have more than tripled in number since 2000 and have a reported $2 trillion to deploy — to dramatically improve the way they identify and support management teams.

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Delegate? Not Necessarily.

Mark Cross

I laughed hard when I read this Marketoon by Tom Fishburne. There are grains of truth in much business satire. But in this case, there may be gravel pits of truth!

The most successful leaders are those who drive change and take action. They assume responsibility for their change agenda and truly driving different results. They may use consultants, experts, temporary teams, and yes, even interns, but they never fully delegate the work or the outcomes.

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Looking forward... and back to our roots

Michael Hornsby

By Michael Hornsby

Each year the Brimstone team sets a goal of reaching our namesake island, five acres of uninhabited beach, rock, and field at 44' 01" latitude, 68' 46" longitude. It is 15 miles from the mainland in Penobscot Bay, on the edge of the open Atlantic. This is a special place for the local lobstermen and their families, reserved for picnics and contemplative walks on off days, eyes down looking for the perfect smooth black rocks — brimstones — on the beach, eyes up to scan the unbroken horizon in the east.

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How Fit Is Your Team?

By Todd Ragaza

For as long as people have pursued shared goals, teams have been part of the equation. In school, we work together and play together on teams. In sports, teams provide a sense of identity for the players and fans. And in the workplace, teams are the essential building blocks for getting work done. Instinctively, we all know what good teamwork feels like. But in spite of (or maybe because of) our experience observing and being part of teams, we often overlook the basics of how we practice teamwork.


Books and articles that fuel the conversations we have with our clients and each other.


Deeper explorations of topics related to change and leadership.

Delivering Results: It Starts With You

Bob Marcus and Bob Weiler highlight four principles that can help you prepare to lead your team or organization through change in today’s competitive and complex marketplace.

The Upside of a Downturn

In response to the economic downturn of 2009, Bob Marcus and Bob Weiler have outlined five key strategies to help organizations of any size not only weather an economic downturn, but put in place a foundation that positions them to emerge stronger than before.

Aligning Organizations: The Foundation of Performance

This book focuses on the difficulties and challenges organizations face as they work to stay aligned during times of change. Bob Marcus and Bob Weiler lay out the steps that leaders can take to achieve—and sustain—alignment.

Coaching for Results

This whitepaper outlines Brimstone's approach to executive coaching. It provides a framework for understanding when and how coaching can improve a leader’s performance, as well as coaching’s impact on improving the results an organization can deliver.