Our Programs & Processes


Accelerating Financial Returns Using the Power of Your Organization

Our Shared Leadership process helps leaders scale and quickly execute on cost savings and revenue opportunities throughout their organizations. Shared Leadership engages your own teams to identify and execute on these opportunities, giving you the opportunity to simultaneously develop key leaders and deliver results.

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Building World-Class Leaders

The Leadership Forum is our process for helping organizations develop, align, and prepare the next generation of leaders for expanded roles at the next level. It provides the executive team with a platform for transforming the organization, its people, and its business results.

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A Little Help from A Friend

Our Executive Coaching services are a positive, transparent and customized investment in a leader’s growth and development. They improve the chances of success for that individual—and, ultimately, for the business and organization.

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Capitalizing on Your Best Opportunities

Brimstone’s Performance Leadership Process accelerates your organization’s ability to deliver real financial improvements, while simultaneously transforming the way you work and developing the leadership skills of a core group of change agents.

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Clarifying the What, Why, and How of Your Strategy

As the cornerstone of our Senior Team Alignment Process, the Strategic Business Framework enables leadership teams to align around their vision, become explicit about their priorities, and agree upon the metrics they will use to track performance. Ultimately, it guides the organization as it pursues it’s long-term and short-term goals.

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Accelerating Results Through Alignment

Our Senior Team Alignment Process helps leadership teams gain and sustain the coordination, collaboration, and clarity necessary to deliver breakthrough results. The process drives better alignment of leadership teams, moving them to a higher level of performance.

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An Honest Look Inside Your Organization

Our Insight Squad and Organizational Diagnosis processes provide leaders with an unbiased, candid assessment of the realities getting in the way of success for their organization – and a start on how to respond to those realities.

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Change is a Capability

Brimstone was founded on the belief that the better you are at change, the better you are at business. Our goal in every engagement is to help the organization drive large-scale change that aligns the organization, develops people, and delivers breakthrough business results.

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