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by Wilma Davidson, St. Martin's Griffin 2015

It’s impossible to be effective as a leader if you can’t communicate your ideas in ways that get your message across clearly and powerfully. This updated version of Davidson’s fundamentals for business writing should be required reading for anyone who relies on the written word to get things...

by Warren Bennis, Daniel Goleman, and James O’Toole, Jossey-Bass 2008

Creating a “culture of candor” is easier said than done, especially for organizations trained to tightly control their narratives. The authors explore the risks and benefits of openness, and suggest practical ways that leaders can reorganize their cultures around greater transparency.

By Jenny Gumm

For most of us, the word "feedback" conjures up memories of performance reviews. In truth, this is just a small part of the feedback we give and receive daily. Feedback is what we say to each other, and a lot more: our facial expressions,...

By Dave Roberts

Helping leaders show up in new ways is a theme that runs through everything we do at Brimstone. We believe great leadership is at the heart of successful business transformation. But how does someone become a great leader? It’s a question that a lot of...

By Tony Contakos

A large part of Brimstone’s heritage comes from Outward Bound, where I, along with several members of the firm, ran Action Learning leadership programs. One of my areas of expertise is rock climbing, and I spent many years coaching people on how to safely...