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By Bob Marcus

The success of any enterprise is predicated on people working together effectively to produce great results.  But it’s easier said than done.  Trying to decide where to...

By John Blattner, Ph.D.

Helping people grow as leaders is core to the work I’ve been doing over the past three decades. While leadership development is a broad term that can address intellectual, strategic, organizational, or...

By Scott Dickson

Businesses are continually tested—by economic cycles, disruptive competitors, new technologies, or by sudden events that permanently alter the industry or landscape. Each challenge can pull leaders in multiple directions. But in my experience, one of the...

by Amy Cuddy, Little, Brown and Company 2015

In Presence, Amy Cuddy explores the mind-body connection and how it impacts our self-perceptions, personal power, and even our ability to lead. In addition to telling truly engaging stories, she supports her assertions with a full set of facts and scientific research.

by Edgar H. Schein, Berrett-Koehler Publishers 2011

“Help” can be a loaded word in business, which makes it a fascinating topic for Schein, one of the greats in organizational behavior, to explore. This book analyzes the social and psychological dynamics that underpin different helping relationships, and explains why sometimes help isn’t helpful...