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by David L. Bradford and Alan R. Cohen, Wiley 1998

While the idea of shared leadership—and a move away from command-and-control management—has captured the imagination of many leaders, how to put it into practice remains a barrier. In this book, Bradford and Cohen break down the complex concepts behind shared leadership and provide a blueprint...

by Susan Cain, Broadway Books 2013

How many "quiet rock stars" have you worked with? Cain explores how the Extrovert Ideal became entrenched in our culture, and makes a case for the high price we pay by undervaluing introverts. Well researched and filled with stories of successful introverts, this book gives us a new perspective...

By Dyan Dyer

Women’s journey for equality has been a long and difficult one. It’s hard for me to fathom that thirty or so years before I was born, women couldn’t vote. That today’s generations...

by Jim Collins, HarperCollins 2009

Companies don’t become great overnight, and likewise, they rarely fall without warning. By examining how companies behave as they get into trouble, Collins identifies the common stages of decline, and explores how leaders can keep their companies from falling all the way to the bottom.

by Andrew S. Grove, Crown Business 1999

First published twenty years ago, Grove’s thoughts on how to spot patterns in massive change stands up to the test of time. Based on common sense, case studies, and first-hand experience, this book guides leaders on how to act when the business landscape shifts suddenly and unexpectedly.