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Our Purpose

To enable our clients to achieve and sustain transformative change that delivers breakthrough results, develops leaders and aligns organizations.


Brimstone In Action

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Reigniting leadership

A $3B global manufacturing enterprise needed to turn around one of its key business units that had been an early developer of energy storage technologies. When they placed an industry veteran into the top leadership role, he saw enormous potential for the business along with some fundamental challenges. Energy storage was a rapidly evolving space, and customers were looking for innovative partnerships. But over the previous five years, the business had produced volatile, and relatively stagnant, revenue. They faced a pioneer’s dilemma: early success created opportunities, and, in the process of pursuing them, the business wound up trying to be everything to everybody. Product lines had proliferated, complexity had crept in, and the business found itself reacting to tactical opportunities rather than innovating to address strategic ones.

Brimstone worked with this top leader and his executive team to help focus the business on the opportunity areas that would unlock strategic, long-term growth. To do this, Brimstone activated the next level of leaders in the organization....

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What We Do

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The starting points of change

We most often work with companies at the starting points of change—key events that raise some big questions for the organization. For example, redefining a strategy might call into question the alignment of the leadership team. The rapid growth of a business might reveal weaknesses in a culture. A new product, capability, or acquisition can force an organization to rethink some of its fundamental processes. Introducing a new leader can reveal problems with communication, trust, and accountability. At these inflection points, an outside perspective can be the key to accelerating change.

At Brimstone, our role is to use perspective and process to help our clients think through their challenges in new ways. Our goal is to teach organizations the skills that will help them answer those big questions for themselves. The work we do addresses the most pressing business needs, but through a process that develops our clients’ capabilities along the way.

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These are a few of the companies we have partnered with:


Mary Dillon

Chief Executive Officer, Ulta Beauty


"Brimstone has been a valuable partner for me and for the organizations I've led. Brimstone is extremely effective at helping executive teams develop and align to accelerate business performance. In my role as chief executive, their trusted counsel has helped me to hone my leadership instincts and more quickly drive results."


Our latest thinking on topics related to change and leadership.

Building the team that can lead the transformation

At Brimstone, we’ve always been uncomfortable with the “consultant” label. The term connotes smart people who descend upon a business to dig up insights, conduct detailed analyses, and produce binders full of plans. As any of our clients will tell you, this does not describe what Brimstone does.

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Looking forward... and back to our roots

Michael Hornsby

By Michael Hornsby

Each year the Brimstone team sets a goal of reaching our namesake island, five acres of uninhabited beach, rock, and field at 44' 01" latitude, 68' 46" longitude. It is 15 miles from the mainland in Penobscot Bay, on the edge of the open Atlantic. This is a special place for the local lobstermen and their families, reserved for picnics and contemplative walks on off days, eyes down looking for the perfect smooth black rocks — brimstones — on the beach, eyes up to scan the unbroken horizon in the east.

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How Fit Is Your Team?

By Todd Ragaza

For as long as people have pursued shared goals, teams have been part of the equation. In school, we work together and play together on teams. In sports, teams provide a sense of identity for the players and fans. And in the workplace, teams are the essential building blocks for getting work done. Instinctively, we all know what good teamwork feels like. But in spite of (or maybe because of) our experience observing and being part of teams, we often overlook the basics of how we practice teamwork.

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